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Here is a list of the courses I have taught or for which I have been a teaching assistant.

Courses I've taught:
  • Long Calculus II at Tulane University, Spring 2019
  • Long Calculus I at Tulane University, Spring 2018 (for which I won the award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher)
  • Brief Applied Calculus at the University of Southern Mississippi, Spring 2014
  • College Algebra (two sections) at the University of Southern Mississippi, Fall 2013
Courses for which I've been a teaching assistant:
  • Statistics for Scientists, Spring 2020
  • Probability and Statistics, Spring 2020
  • Consolidated Calculus, Fall 2019 (two sections)
  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Fall 2018
  • Linear Algebra, Fall 2018
  • Real Analysis, Fall 2017
  • Calculus II, Spring 2017 (two sections)
  • Calculus I, Summer 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016 (two sections), Spring 2015, Fall 2015