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Here is a list of the courses I have taught or for which I have been a teaching assistant.

Courses I'm teaching:
  • Calculus I (two sections) at New Mexico State University, Fall 2020
  • College Algebra (two sections) at New Mexico State University, Fall 2020

Courses I've taught:
  • Long Calculus II at Tulane University, Spring 2019
  • Long Calculus I at Tulane University, Spring 2018 (for which I won the award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher)
  • Brief Applied Calculus at the University of Southern Mississippi, Spring 2014
  • College Algebra (two sections) at the University of Southern Mississippi, Fall 2013
Courses for which I've been a teaching assistant:
  • Statistics for Scientists, Spring 2020
  • Probability and Statistics, Spring 2020
  • Consolidated Calculus, Fall 2019 (two sections)
  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Fall 2018
  • Linear Algebra, Fall 2018
  • Real Analysis, Fall 2017
  • Calculus II, Spring 2017 (two sections)
  • Calculus I, Summer 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2016 (two sections), Spring 2015, Fall 2015


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My name is Jonathan O'Rourke, and I am a College Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University starting Fall 2020. I have recently completed my Ph.D. at Tulane University. My passion is teaching mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My research has been in the areas of commutative algebra, computational algebra, combinatorics, and graph theory.