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Here are the organizations in which I have participated at Tulane.

AMS / AWM (American Mathematical Society / Association for Women in Mathematics) -- Tulane University Chapters

At Tulane, the AMS and AWM chapters work together to put on regular seminars and to arrange informal discussions with invited mathematicians. The primary goal of the AMS chapter is to showcase the research interests of Tulane's faculty, and the primary goal of the AWM chapter is to increase the visibility of women in mathematics and their accomplishments. Each speaker at these seminars is asked to submit the name of an important woman mathematician in their field, and the talk is preceded by a brief biography of this mathematician. As an officer of AMS, I helped organize these seminars, including reserving rooms, providing refreshments, and presenting some of the pre-talk biographies.

BATS (Boys At Tulane in STEM)

Additionally, the AMS and AWM chapters work together with Tulane's School of Science and Engineering to participate in volunteer work with local elementary schools. BATS and GiST (Girls in STEM at Tulane) are programs in which 5th-7th grade students can participate in workshops to learn more about a topic in the STEM fields. Previous BATS workshops and activities include playing the game of Nim, making Möbius bands and hexaflexagons from paper,  tiling a plane with given shapes, non-transitive dice, and determining the Euler characteristic of a 3-dimensional solid, via the formula V - E + F = 2.

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) -- Tulane University Chapter

The Tulane SIAM chapter runs the weekly Graduate Student Colloquium, in which students give talks related to their research and interests. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about their fellow students' research, as well as a great place for speakers to get used to presenting in front of an audience. As president of the Tulane chapter (2017-18), I organized the schedule of talks, reserved the room, provided refreshments, presented speakers, and handled the budget.


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My name is Jonathan O'Rourke, and I am a College Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University starting Fall 2020. I have recently completed my Ph.D. at Tulane University. My passion is teaching mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My research has been in the areas of commutative algebra, computational algebra, combinatorics, and graph theory.